ANZAC Day Celebrations in Australia and New Zealand

ANZAC day is celebrated on 25th April in Australia. ANZAC is an abbreviation that stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day commemorates the first major war fought by Australian and New Zealand Army corps during First World War at Gallipoli on 25th April. Later on, the word ANZAC was used for those who fought the war in 1915. But in the Second World War ANZAC Day became the day to remember those Australians who died in the war. ANZAC emphasizes power, courage and sacrifice.


Every year, in the evening of 25th April, commemorative services are held. Officially the first commemorative service was held in Sydney Cenotaph in 1927, and eventually the day became a national holiday.This day reflects many meanings of war.Memorial services are held everywhere in the country on ANZAC Day. The most important thing of ANZAC Day is Dawn Service which was an operational routine of the war. The hour before dawn was considered to be a favorable time for attack. Whatever operation was planned for the war was executed during this time. The day time of the ANZAC Day was spend with families and well-wisher where as the Dawn Service was for old servicemen. These days, families are encouraged to take part in the Dawn Service.

  • Laying of Wreaths
  • Recitation including the Ode
  • Sounding the "Last Post"
  • A period of silence
  • The "Rouse" and the "Reveille"
  • Reversed arms
  • Flags at Half Mast
  • Rifle Volleys and Gun Salutes
  • The Lone Piper and Flowers of the Forest
  • National Anthem

  • As the years past the day became on of the important national occasion for Australians. The Dawn Service became very significant because it was the exact time of landing of ANZACs in Gallipoli. Marches by soldiers and ex-servicemen are held through the country cities. If you want to get more information on ANZAC.