Bhai Dooj Festival in India

A large number of festivals are celebrated in India through out the year. Some are religious festivals while others are national festivals and some other festivals are devoted to relationships. One such festival is Bhaiya Dooj. The name itself explains enough about this festival. "Bhaiya" means brother and "Dooj" means second day. Similar to Raksha Bandhan, this festival commemorates the brother-sister relationship and celebrates the spritual bond of brother and sister relation.


When is Bhai Dooj : Date of Bhai Dooj is 7 November, 2010

The second day after the appearance of New Moon in the sky is observed as Bhai Duj. This festival is celebrated on the second day of Shukla Paksha (The bright phase) of the month of karthik in Hindu lunar calendar to celebrates the relationship of brother and sister. According to English calendar, it falls either in the month of October or November. Bhaiya duj is known as bhav-bij in maharastra, bhai tika in Nepal and bhai-phata in Bengal.

Bhai Dooj Around the world

Various names have been given to this festival in different regions of India. In Hindi speaking places the festival is called as 'Bhaiyya Duj'. Marathis call it 'Bhav Bij', for Bengalis it is 'Bhai Phota' and natives of Nepal have named it 'Bhai Tika'. Different names but the spirit is the same all over.

Legends of Bhai dooj : Stories behind Bhai dooj, folk tale associated with Bhai dooj

Legendary stories and folk tale tells that on this day Yamraj went to a sisters house that put an auspicious mark on his brothers forehead for his welfare. Also a legend says that after killing nasakasur lord shri Krishna visited his sister Subhadra. She put a special tilak on his forehead. This lead to the onset of custom of putting a tilak on the forehead of brother by his sister. The purpose behind performing the ceremony is to clear the air surrounding the brother from all kinds of negative vibes.

How to celebrate Bhai Dooj

On this day, Sisters prepare a pooja thali. They place Roli or Haldi (Turmeric) and chawal (Rice) in this Thali for Tilak.They ignite a Deepak in this Thali which Symbolizes their well wishes to spread light of happiness in the life of their brother. Sisters place the special Tilak on the forehead of their beloved brothers and after aarti, they pray for long life of their brother. They also give those sweets, dried nariyal (coconut), and edible in form toys made of sugar etc. to eat. In the return brother assure her sister to stand by her side in every moment of need. He also give her some gift in the form of money, dress, jewellery, or any other thing of her liking. We can say that this festival present sight of the sacred love and emotions of brother and sister.