About Christmas

Christmas is the time to celebrates the birthday of lord Jesus Christ. Its an global festival, and celebrated all around the world with all mighty joy, fun and happiness. The origin of Christmas have a old story and it is assumed that 25th December is the day of Christmas which is celebrated every year. Although this day is predicted for Jesus birth, the exact date of his birth is not known due to difference in the some calendar and various cultures. Celebration of Christmas dates back to 4000 years. The Christmas festival brings happiness, joy and love.

Origin Of Christmas

As the Christmas history is associated with the Jesus link the Easter festival which is celebrated for the risen of Jesus (Rebirth of Jesus), three days after of his death . The Jesus Christ bring a spiritual and right direction in the life of many people on earth. Jesus Christ was known as the son of virgin lady called "Mother Mary", He was born to poor and humble parents. History states that the Christmas celebration started from 98 AD. But it was only in 137 AD that it was officially declared by the Bishop of Rome that the day has to be decided for the celebration as the day of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Again in 350 AD, Julius I, a Bishop of Rome selected December 25 as the day to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Ideas

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Christmas Celebrations 2017

As every one knows the Christmas is celebrated all over the world in various ways and traditions. The customs of celebrating Christmas varies from country to country and religion to religion. The way of making merry Christmas has gradually changed with the time but still there are some old custom that is still followed by a mass of people. What do we on Christmas? Of course we buy new clothes, exchange gifts, make party at home, decorate the house, creation snowman at outdoor, kids love to get presents from Santa and they hangs stockings on the fireplace mental to get their magical present from - him and Christmas tree, arrange Christmas party.

Christmas Ideas

When the word Christmas comes to our mind some of the things that we visualize are Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, cookies, dresses, cake, presents, gifts, kids games, church prayer, carols, Christmas songs, jingle bell poem, music and Christmas party. Enjoy the Christmas holiday season this year with your family and friends and If you want to know more about Christmas explore the more pages of Christmas ideas for gifts and craft on our site. We also offering the best Christmas holiday celebration ideas with Merry Christmas eve decoration, Christmas gift Ideas, crafts, wallpapers, presents, 2017 Christmas party. Just make preparations for the Christmas lighting and decorations on X-mas tree from now to have a grand party on this Christmas Festival.