Easter is celebrated by the Christians scattered all over the world. In fact, Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year. It is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ to life. Christians believe that "Jesus has risen to life". This belief infuses them with a kind of faith, hope, love and warmth that they would also rise from the dead and ascend into Heaven.


According to the Biblical reference and as the story goes, after the grave death of Jesus, he was buried and a large stone was rolled over his tomb. However, one day when his followers went to honor him, they found that the stone was not there. It has mysteriously vanished leaving behind the cloth in which Jesus' body was wrapped. To their surprise, they didn't even found the body of the Jesus there in the tomb. Hence, they believed that Jesus has come to life again for mankind. In fact, he has specifically risen from deathbed to save us all. Moreover, there were angels standing nearby his tomb who endorsed the fact that Jesus has risen. They told the followers that a miracle had taken place.
Essentially, Easter celebrates the Day of Resurrection of Lord Jesus. As described in the Bible, resurrection is the very moment Jesus rose from the dead, was the very moment we would be given everlasting life. It means that Christians would definitely receive a renewed life after their death. Easter begins with Lent, which is a forty-day duration before Easter Sunday is celebrated. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. In fact, preparation of Easter begins with Lent. It is considered as time to show sorrow for the sins and to seek forgiveness from Almighty. For Christians, Easter is not just about Easter Bunny, colored eggs and lots of candybut it is more than that. It is, in fact, a religious observance