About Halloween

Halloween is celebrated throughout the world. Celts started this shadowy festival and generally, it is celebrated on October 31 prior to the New Year's Day i.e. 1st November. Halloween is celebrated with lots of mischief and misbehavior, but all out of fun. Children dress up as ghosts, pirates, and witches and wear myriad of other costumes and literally beg for candy. There are numerous Halloween symbols, ideas, decorations, recipes and resurrection that conjure up Halloween festivities and celebrations.

Origin of Halloween and history of Hallow night

The historical background of Halloween festival dates back to the Celtic celebration called "Samhain". Celtic New Year was celebrated on 1st November marking the end of summer i.e. the harvest season and beginning of the bleak, cold winter. This wintertime is often associated with the human death. During this winter dark season, Celt people have faith that a night before the New Year, the boundary between the world of the living people and the dead spirits became murky and foggy. Moreover, ghosts of the dead returned to earth causing damage to the crops. Besides, their presence helped the Celtic priests i.e. Druids to predict the future.


2017 Halloween Celebration Ideas

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Halloween Celebration

The scary and spooky celebration of Halloween is for one and all. It is not just an entertaining time for kids; it is a holiday celebration for adults, teenagers and aged. Everyone enjoys the Halloween eve with great vigor and euphoria. People organize parties, which are basically themed ones. In fact, Halloween itself is a great party theme - be it for elders or teenagers. It comes with its own black and orange color scheme, dark and scary atmosphere, and scary costumes of witches, bats and cats as dress code for the evening. Even scary and wavy recipe is also famous for this celebration. Whatever is prepared is in the form of witches, spiders and ghosts to scare away guests.

Halloween Fun Ideas

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Halloween Activities

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