The festival of Hanukkah, Also spelled as "Chanukah" is a religious Jewish holiday that refers the "Festival of Lights". In Hebrew, the meaining of word "Hanukkah" is "dedication" or "consecration". This is widely celebrated American holiday of eight-day period and celebrated to commemorate the re-dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the point of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. The celebration of Chanukah begins on the 25th day of the Jewish calendar month of Kislev and lasts for eight days and nights. This Festival of Lights, about the dreidl, menorah, and latkes. And may coincide with the Gregorian calendar during the late November to late December.


How do people celebrate hanukkah?

The tradition of Hanukkah witness exchange of special Chanukah gifts, greeting cards, and Hanukkah presents. Chanukah is pointed out in the deuterocanonical or apocrypha books of 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees. The 1 Maccabees asserted that for a span of eight days that celebration of rededication of the altar should be observed. The Chanukah is observed by the kindling of candle lights of a special nine-branched candelabrum, called "Menorah or Hanukiah", one candle light on each night of the festive occasion, progressing to eight on the final night. There is an extra candle light called a shamash (Hebrew: "servant" or "guard") is also lit each night for the purpose of lighting the others, and is given a distinct location, usually above or below the rest.

Do you know why is hanukkah celebrated? The dates of Hanukkah holiday are fixed in accordance to the jewish Hebrew calendar. Chanukah commences at the 25th day of Kislev and closing on the second and third of Tevet (Kislev can have 29 or 30 days). The Jewish day sets in motion at sunset, while the Gregorian calendar starts on the day at midnight. The daily prayers are made by the people on this occasion and nights are celebrated with a lot of pomp and enthusiasm by the entire Jews community. So you have any idea that festival of christmas and hanukkah ever occur on the same day? Yes it may be possible.

What countries celebrate hanukkah?
The countries which celebrates this jewish festival of Hanukkah according to culture are israel, America and Mexico.

What Year was hanukkah first celebrated? When the first Chanukah is celbrated on?
Answer: The first Hanukkah was celebrated in 165 B.C.E.

What are the symbols of hanukkah?
Answer : There are some symbols given here Blue and silver are the colors wall of Hanukkah, an oil flask, colorful classic menorah, a money purse, sufganiot (jelly doughnuts), dreidels, a Maccabee sword implanted in the menorah's base, a broken Greek sword, oil cup holders.

How long is Hanukkah celebrated?
Answer Its an eight night festival of jews people.

What foods are eaten at hanukkah?
Answer : The Hanukkah food recipe includes latkes, bimuelos, cheese gilt coins, kugel, soft pretzels, brisket, tongue, etc. Latkes ( potatoe pancakes), fried and loaded with cheeses, Latkes are symbolic of the cheesecakes, Loukoumades which are deep-fried puffs dipped in honey, Pancakes are a traditional dish, butter cookies or pretzels.

Why do people celebrate hanukkah?
Answer : Hanukkah is celebrated as the Festival of Lights, Feast of Dedication, and Feast of the Maccabees to remind God.

When is the first night of hanukkah 2009?
Answer : 2009: December 12-19