Thanksgiving Ideas

Find the complete information about Thanksgiving day history and origin of turkey day. We offers all thanksgiving celebration ideas for thanksgiving party, crafts, gifts, Thanksgiving turkey tips, recipes, Thanksgiving Day wallpapers, funny turkey cards, greetings, printables etc. Get more about American and Canadian thanksgiving story and info of this festival.

About Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Day is here again and there will be grand festivity all over! Observed on the fourth Thursday of November, this is a religious festival. There is plenty of harvest this season and one should take time out of the daily hectic schedules and 'Thank God' for every thing that he has blessed us with them. Thanksgiving is celebrated in a grand way in the United States, Canada, Africa, Malaysia, Korea and India. It is a perfect celebration mood for all. People get together and enjoy the rich 'Harvest' holiday.


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Tradition of Thanksgiving : Thanking God

Thanksgiving is celebrated across the four corners of the world with equal zeal and euphoria. Universally, it conveys the same feeling of being thankful to Lord Almighty for his incessant grace. God has given us so much-fruits and vegetables, crop, flowers and trees, mountains and rivers, sun and moon and skies and stars. We all relish, admire and enjoy them but hardly take out time to say thanks to God for every thing what they have given to us. Hence, Day of Thanksgiving is one such day to thank God for his blessings and benevolence.

Origin of Thanksgiving Day

Presently, Thanksgiving day is observed on the 4th Thursday of November. But it was believed by the Americans that the first Thanksgiving was a feast that took place in the autumn of 1621, at Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts. A group of people led by the separatists from the Church of England celebrated a three-day harvest feast with the native people of Wampanoag. In fact, this was a reigious observance rather feast in the real terms of celebration. There was no celebrations until 1623.

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving activities include many rituals and observations held across the globe. People from all walks of life celebrate the festivity of Thanksgiving and thank Almighty for the bounty of crops. Actually, bounty of crops symbolizes the flourishing civilization and marks the success. Thanksgiving originated long ago but has its roots in the United States of America. Observed during November, there are various activities that are observed all over the globe like the Thanksgiving day football, Thanksgiving Feast, Thanksgiving Race, Parade and much more than this.

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